Manage negative keyword lists independently for greater inventory

Detailed reporting by campaign, terms and content matches

Add IAB audience and content tags for additional key value targeting

Manage Individual Campaign Lists to Maximize Inventory

The Safetag WordPress plugin ensures brand safety for advertisers by scanning each piece of site content identifying matches against negative keyword lists provided by advertisers for ad campaigns.

Safetag exposes each campaign as key value pairs to be used for ad targeting. Because each campaign is managed separately, ad op teams can more intelligently manage their ad inventory.

Campaigns can be set to exclude content, but also to include posts with specific terms. For instance, advertisers can target all articles that contain a list of celebrity names or clothing brands that match their audience profile.

We know there is considerable overlap between keyword lists and Safetag builds up its own index of terms with each new Campaign building on top of the previous ones, greatly speeding up time to deploy.

When new posts are created, or old ones edited, Safetag will trigger a fresh scan of that post so nothing slips through.

Publishers can confidently assure their ad partners their ads are in a brand safe environment with Safetag.

Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Brands and agencies send generic keyword lists for their campaigns as required by lawyers. However these lists are generally a hodgepodge of terms and phases added over time with little or no understanding of the impact to individual sites. The downside is a lot of valuable inventory is banned for no rational reason.

Safetag reporting gives publishers the ammunition they need to have an intelligent conversation to adjust a negative keyword list resulting in more inventory – a win for both parties.

Internally these reports can also inform the editorial team the words and phrases most often banned giving them feedback on what to avoid – or at least understand the impact of using particular language. “Click bait” headlines may drive traffic, but if it cannot be monetized it’s a wasted opportunity.

IAB Tagging

IAB Audience
IAB Audience
Expose site wide IAB 4 categories in the preferences. This is important for age specific brands.
IAB Content
IAB Content
Add content specific tags for each piece of content to further enhance targeting or programmatic revenue.